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Our select team of experienced real estate professionals accept nothing but the very best. When you work with Austin Birch, you’re always working with the same elite team.

Austin Birch Team

“Working with the Austin Birch team transformed the way we sell high rise real estate in Toronto.”

Alexis Albert
Minto Communities

“Everyone we met, at Austin Birch, had a clear sense of focus and commitment to, 'working with the best, and being the best'.”

Simeon Garratt

“They are the gold standard in how pre-construction condominium sales should be approached. They deliver elevated experiences at every touchpoint in the sales process.”

Tim Ng

“Austin Birch’s hands on management and dynamic insight throughout the sales process helps ensure the success of our Projects.”

Zachary Burnett
Burnac Holdings Limited

“Austin Birch has impeccable research that can’t be beat. They present projects in a way that is so compelling, the only natural decision is to buy.”

Norm Li
Norm Li AG&I
Eric Kuzuian Austin Birch

Eric Kuzuian


Eric co-founded Austin Birch after more than a decade of being an innovator in Toronto’s new development industry. A natural leader, Eric’s command of the sector is in no small part thanks to his charismatic personality, forward thinking mentality, and precise attention to each and every detail of each development. His creativity, focus and drive are at the heart of Austin Birch’s highly focused and dynamic approach to unique, property development for their clients. Eric’s understanding of the development landscape is matched with a natural sense of aesthetics allowing him to foresee which strategic initiatives are apt for the market. Eric’s fluency in strategy, product development, marketing and his expertise in sales combine to make Austin Birch Toronto’s premier development marketing company. His commitment to delivering the best is inspiring and is one of the reasons the company and its team are able to operate at the highest level.

Jamie Sarner Austin Birch

Jamie Sarner


Jamie co-founded Austin Birch after over 20 years of proven expertise in the Toronto real estate market. Jamie’s energy and determination are standout features of life at Austin Birch, where he oversees business development, business operations and marketing. His dedication to leadership through empowerment nurtures an agile team of skilled colleagues, leading an office with an unrivalled level of talent. Jamie never settles for average and offers a multi-faceted perspective that enables him to provide unparalleled strategic recommendations for clients. His desire to create the most innovative and streamlined sales & marketing processes in the ever-changing Toronto market is fueled by his interest in tech integration, and forward thinking development marketing campaigns. Having developed a reputation as one of the most dependable and successful people in the field, Jamie strives to advance Austin Birch forward, while earning the trust and respect of Canada’s top developers.

Saraya Yen Austin Birch

Saraya Yen

VP of Sales

Saraya has an extensive background as a sales executive and is recognized as one of the leading development marketing sales professionals in Toronto. For years, Saraya has lead sales and administration teams in successfully selling thousands of pre- construction condominiums around Toronto, translating to billions of dollars in revenue for her clients. From every project’s inception, she makes it her personal mission to research every aspect of the development and plays a major role in all parts of the process. With her sales team’s support, Saraya’s capacity to work with brokers is unmatched, providing an invaluable link to one of the most vital elements of the development marketing sales process.

Tannaz Taghizadeh Austin Birch

Tannaz Taghizadeh

Director of Sales

Always demonstrating a certain flair and tenacity in her work, Tannaz has become known for her abilities in guiding brokers through the transaction process enabling her to break many sales records. Her professional skill set is further complemented by her extensive track record (12 years in the Toronto real estate industry) for growing and nurturing agent relationships, navigating purchasers through the detailed process of new development and ensuring success for each and every client. Tannaz is passionate about the Austin Birch team, for her there’s no question: with its style, diverse backgrounds and cultures; it is definitely the most unique in the industry.

Alicia Milks Austin Birch

Alicia Milks

Director of Accounts

With almost 10 years of leading real estate industry experience, Alicia has honed her superhuman ability to anticipate the needs of all Austin Birch’s developers, brokers and buyers. Alicia oversees and manages developer relationships, including legal and administration management, project marketing, and the now-famous launch events and rollouts. What the team calls “launch mode” is when Alicia’s apt, multi-skilled hand comes into play. Prepping and hosting what have come to be known as some of the city’s best condo launches is what she excels in.

Neil Hughes Austin Birch

Neil Hughes

Sales Manager

Neil is a real estate professional with varied international experience, working for 10 years at global leaders Knight Frank, and Sherry FitzGerald in Dublin, where he represented international developers with projects throughout Europe, including a number of Ireland’s leading residential developments. He has a proven commitment to excellence in customer service and has vast experience with both buyers, brokers & developers from throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Neil’s experience ensures all brokers and buyers partake in a smooth transaction and informative process when purchasing or seeking advice about Austin Birch’s prestigious projects.

Tanya Icilates Austin Birch

Tanya Icliates

Project Associate

With eight years of experience in the real estate industry, Tanya excels at every stage of the development process: from launching projects to ensuring all is in order behind the scenes and in the presentation gallery. A human ‘swiss army knife’ according to the team, multi-skilled Tanya relishes the communication aspects of her role, acting as the crucial link between buyers, brokers and developers. Tanya is proud to be a part of projects that are continually changing Toronto’s skyline.

Emily Roeder

Director of Administration

Emily brings her strong organizational acumen and practical know-how to lead the administration side of Austin Birch, drawing on her years of professional experience in the real estate sector as a site administrator, brokerage administrator and more. She’s known for her precision and for never allowing anything to fall through the cracks, making her presence at Austin Birch essential to its success. A committed team player, Emily’s time living in the US and UK brings a distinctive viewpoint to the company's approach.